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What you get:

  • Total Domination: Private access to the entire facility for 2 hours, it's like having your own kingdom, but with everything golf!
  • Bring The Squad: Admission for up to 30 of your nearest and dearest pals, because fun is better with a wild crowd.
  • Unleash the Mini Golfer: Unlimited Mini Golf plays, the only thing limiting you is how many holes-in-one you can master.
  • Pinball Wizardry: Unlimited Pinball plays, prepare to flip and tilt like a true wizard.
  • Swing for the Stars: Unlimited Golf-simulator use, virtually conquer the greatest courses on Earth, without the annoying dress code.
  • Feast and Sip: Delicious food and beverage packages available to keep your squad fueled and refreshed.
  • Game On, Fun Galore: Other awesome games and activities, because variety is the spice of life (and parties).
  • We'll Iron Out the Details: We'll reach out after purchase to fine-tune the event details, so you can relax and focus on the fun.
  • Chameleon Pricing: Please note, pricing may wiggle a bit, but the fun remains steadfast.
  • Magic Vanishing Act: If you need to bow out within 48 hours, a 50% cancellation fee might do a disappearing act.

Pricing Shown: Pricing shown is for Monday through Thursday bookings. Friday through Sunday bookings will be subject to an additional $400 booking fee.


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